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"Network and Internet Computing
is an important part of everyday
life in the 21st century"

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Jump Online Gateway Appliance - Hot Spot Appliance

    With a Jump On Gateway you can have an effortless and affordable Wireless Hotspot service straight out of a box, no IT specialists, no Programmers and no WebMasters needed!

    Allowing everyday business owners to become their own Internet Service Providore (ISP) and profit from selling Wireless Internet within their complex (Hotel, Cafe etc) while offering greater Customer Service is our aim..

    New Revenue Opportunity
    With a Jump On Gateway hotspot you can generate extra revenue with zero management commitments. Be weary other Hot-Spot service providores that have a profit-share arangement were vendors earn as low as 20% of takings!

    What a Jump On Gateway Appliance can deliver

    Is it better to charge customers for Internet access or provide it as an amenity?
    The answer, of course, depends on your priorities, your customers, and your location. The good news, is that Jump On Gateway Appliance will let you do either - paid or free - or even a hybrid of the two (paid for certain users, free with purchase, free at certain times, etc). What's more, you can set your own pricing plans..

A Jump On Gateway provides many of the features of expensive commercial firewalls, including:

Our Systems simply work...

Don't get stuck in a contract costing you 80% of your taking!

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