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"Network and Internet
Computing is an important
part of everyday life
in the 21st century"

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Network and Internet Access, quickly and easily for your Staff, Customers, Clients and Guests

Jump On Internet Systems provides internet equipment and services to Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Nightclubs and Bars, Caravan Parks, Coffee Shops, Truck Stops infact most businesses can benefit from our services.


  • Earn Big Profits From Public Internet Access Kiosks
    "Ideal for retailers attracting a sit down crowd."
  • Earn Profits From Advertising
    "Ideal for increasing awareness to special products."
  • Increase Repeat Sales
    "Ideal for the retailer who wants to get to know their clients."
  • Reduce Expenses
    "Ideal for any retailer looking to automate parts of their business"
  • Customers spend an average of 12% to 35% more
  • Increase your gross sales by as much as 20%
  • 60% of Australians have e-mail addresses and 89% use computers weekly
  • Only 25 % of Business people can be bothered to take their laptop with them on trips

You're probably already aware of the many advantages of providing Network and Internet services to your customers and guests. In the beginning, many venues used consumer-grade equipment and an open network to offer these services.
Todays' forward-looking organisations work with Jump On Networks to build branded Network and Internet services that provide maximum cosumer benefit, while protecting both the host location and its users from security threats.

Our Systems simply work...

Don't pay Thousands for a small share of profits!

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Heading Level 3

A hotspot is the common term for a location that offers Wi-Fi (Wireless Network, aka 802.11 access). Providing a Wi-Fi hotspot with a Jump On Gateway Appliance, offers network and internet services in your place of business to your Staff, Clients, Customers and Guests. Attracting new customers to your business and enticing them to keep returning, stay longer and spend more!

Your customers can connect via their Laptops, Phones or PDAs, which they can use to access the internet for business or entertainment purposes.
When you estimate the millions of Laptops, PDAs and Smart phones/iPhones out there, it becomes blatantly obvious that there is a huge market for such a service.
In fact, as per an Australian Federal Government incentive all High School Students will be issued with a Wi-Fi Capable Notebook, just think of those numbers!

Heading Level 3

If you would like to offer a public internet access system at your place of business then a Jump On Kiosk is ideal for you.

Robust, adaptable and highly configurable, the Jump On Networks Kiosk meets the challenge of delivering Network and Internet services for your Clients, Customers and Guests.  The unit is highly modular and configurable.  It can be upgraded on-site by adding or removing elements and is also ideal in vandal prone harsh environments.

Heading Level 3

Compact, high performance x86, Dual Core car/boat PC, aimed at a mobile market with a mobile workforce. Automotive ready: Eliminating in-car power issues, the Jump On Networks Mobile PC is the perfect high performance mobile PC solution providing a versatile, low cost navigation and infotainment hardware platform.