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"Network and Internet Computing
is an important part of everyday
life in the 21st century"

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Jump On Networks Kiosks

If you would like to offer a public internet access system at your place of business then a Jump On Kiosk is ideal for you

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Earn Big Profits From Public Internet Access Kiosks whilst providing your patrons with a reason to come to you for the information and entertainment they are looking for. This much sought after facility allows your patrons to send and receive email/video email, check sports, weather and traffic, while paying you on a per minute basis. People of all sectors and ages need to be able to keep in touch with the various on line involvements that they have in this day and age.

Ideal for retailers attracting a sit down crowd.

Earn Profits From Advertising
As well as  providing public internet access the Kiosk allows you to deliver full colour, Multimedia messages of your own choice. The kiosk can be programmed to direct connect to your own Web site and e-commerce solution to allow in store patrons the ability to purchase from you online.

Ideal for increasing awareness to special products.

Increase repeat sales
Your kiosk can have lead capture forms to get patron’s feed back, their personal information such as email addresses, preferences and choices, etc. This information can then be used to connect with your clients after they have left with "special offers", etc.

Ideal for the retailer who wants to get to know their clients.

Increase Customer Support and Reduce Expenses
Increases service levels to your clients by automating a self service solution that helps more clients with more information, in a much faster way by offering access to online Help Systems / FAQs to answer questions clients and staff might have, interactive Questionnaires to recieve feedback,

Ideal for any retailer looking to automate parts of their business.

Jump On Networks's Computer Kiosks are designed for public areas.

  • Solid and durable construction
  • Secure locking mechanisms
    • Industrial keyboard and trackball (water and vandal proof)
  • TouchScreen Technology
  • In-built Speakers
  • Printer Access
  • Internet Kiosk software that;
    • Secures system drives, folders and files from unauthorised access
    • Can define unrestricted access to specified URLs (i.e. your company's website)
    • Deletes user data at end of each session
    • Can restrict or prohibit downloading of files from the Internet
    • Protects the terminal against viruses, trojans and destructive scripts
    • Monitors funds in Internet Kiosk and sends email alert when specified threshold is reached


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