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"Network and Internet Computing
is an important part of everyday
life in the 21st century"

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Jump On Networks Rental

No rents, no contracts, free installation and free technical support

We can provide a wide range of simple profit share or low rental deals for Internet Kiosks as well as other Hot Spot equipment with potential high earning.
No rent, no contract deals that include an uncompromised level of service, free installation and technical support.

Revenue income Sharing income sharing is our speciality .

We provide State of the Art Internet Kiosks to your venue at no cost to you. What's more is you take a percentage of the machines weekly takings.
This is a win win situation. As the Internet Kiosk not only bring in revenue, they also give you an edge on your competitors by offering a Online and Computer services for your guests and customers, you receive additonal income from the use of our Kiosks and encourage your patrons to want to stay longer and come back again.
No matter whether it is a Guest Lounge in a Motel/Hotel/Holiday resort, a Cafe, Pubs, Service Station/Truck Stop you can use our years of experince in the IT industry to get it right for you.
When it comes to providing Internet and Computer Services for your clients see, Australia's premier Internet Kiosk company and we will provide you with the best equipment, advice and service.

Our Systems simply work...

Don't pay Thousands for a small share of profits!

phoneCall Sydney, Australia (02) 8004 9821